TOA Dovechem Industries Co.,Ltd.




TOA Dovechem Group’s Founder and President, Pravit is a pioneer of the Thai industrial sector. During his tenure, he has founded numerous joint venture companies with global chemical companies. In the early 1990s, Pravit was a strong believer in developing the petrochemical complex in Rayong, Thailand. In turn this led to our partnership with the Mitsubishi Group. Today our TOA Dovechem-Mitsubishi’s Joint Venture companies produce world class engineering plastics which are sold worldwide. Pravit has two sons, Shwin and Kanes, who are both now working with him in TDIC.



Shwin is the CFO of TOA Dovechem  and Executive Director of our Joint Venture companies. He grew up in the UK, graduating with a Master Degree in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London. He spent six years as an investment banker for J.P. Morgan, with posts in Singapore and Thailand. He joined TOA Dovechem in 2014 and is responsible for both the financials and operations of our companies.



Kanes is the Executive Director of TOA Dovechem and Chairman of our Joint Venture companies. He grew up closely with his brother in the UK and graduated in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College.
Kanes joined TOA Dovechem in 2012 and has been responsible for our technical and commercial operations.