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Wood Furniture Adhesive

EPI D4 Standard

Emulsion polymer isocyanate, EPI glue, is an efficient wood to wood adhesive which consists of two components. The first component is a water based emulsion, and the second component is a hardener. Our specific emulsion polymer isocyanate has the benefit of being suitable for all types of wood, hard and soft. It is also suitable for wood with high moisture content.

TOA Dovechem’s EPI is suitable across a wide range of wood furniture machineries. Each customer will be provided with an opportunity to choose a product that best suits their assembly and pressing times. Lower pressing times can reduce the manufacturing cost and increase productivity. The EPI is applied in general wood assembly, veneer and wood panel lamination, and in production process of parquet flooring and engineered wood flooring. The glue is also suitable for doors, stairs and window manufacturing.

TDIC’s EPI glue is tested to D4 Standard therefore it is highly water and moisture resistant, high impact and temperature resistant. In addition this includes passing all types of boiling test associated with the D4 standard