TOA Dovechem Industries Co.,Ltd.


MDF/HDF Adhesives


TOA Dovechem manufacture a wide range of adhesives, catalysts, catchers and other auxiliaries for all types of MDFs and HDFs. TOA Dovechem’s adhesive technology helps the MDF producers operate their hot press at a higher speed, while ensuring that all the board’s physical properties are adequately met. We support our customers to meet the following certifications: Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) F2*/F3*/F4*, Eurpoean Standard BS EN 622-5 and moisture resistant V313. Our adhesive solutions are able to achieve E1, E0 and Super E0 formaldehyde emission standards or equivalents.

TOA Dovechem’s adhesives are highly cross linked thermosetting polymers, comprising of bonds between urea, formaldehyde and melamine. Our range of urea-formaldehyde, melamine-urea-formaldehyde and phenol-formaldehyde adhesives are multipurpose and have proven to be the most cost effective wood binding system. Urea based systems are known for its high cure speed under high temperature and acidic conditions, while melamine based systems enhance the strength and durability of the MDFs.