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PU Adhesive

One Component Polyurethane Liquid

TOA Dovechem’s One Component Polyurethane Liquid Adhesive (1K PU Liquid) is an innovative product now readily available in Thailand and Southeast Asia. The 1K PU Liquid is tested to D4 standard and allows the customer to manufacture a wide range of wood furniture products. The 1K PU Liquid cures naturally in ambient temperature and within contact of the wood surface.

TOA Dovechem’s 1K PU Liquid is suitable for assembly of various substrates for automotive and motorhome applications. This includes the assembly of plywood or wood panels with a wide range of hard plastics and metals. Automotive uses include bus assembly, caravans and pickup trucks.

TDIC’s product is readily available in 0.5kg-1kg bottles, 100-200kg drums and 1 ton IBCs.