TOA Dovechem Industries Co.,Ltd.



Alcohols/Aromatics Adhesives


TOA Dovechem import methanol directly from global suppliers and distribute methanol to a broad range of industry inside of Thailand. TOA Dovechem Group are the largest importer of methanol into Thailand. We have the largest storage capacity in Thailand and our storage facilities are located in 3 different strategic sites:

1. Bangkok – located near our main plant.
2. Mataphut, Rayong – located adjacent to the largest petrochemical complex in Thailand.
3. Songkhla – located in the Deep South of Thailand.

TOA Dovechem Group internally consume over 150 KT per annum of methanol in our production facilities. Thus our position allows us to effectively serve the methanol distribution market in Thailand. Our in house laboratories and quality control system ensure that all lots of our imported methanol cargoes match the specification requirements of our customers.